CSM WIP Wednesday #csmwipwed


CSMCross-Stitch Malaysia
WIPWork In Progress

This is a weekly activity in the group. It was initiated by the group admin to encourage 0 UFO (UnFinished Objects). Everybody needs a little motivation from to time. We will all not have enough time to stitch in our busy schedule. The only way to have time is to make time.

If you are not participating, do give motivation to others as well. 🙂

This activity was originally held every Wednesday night 9:00pm – 10:00pm. To cater for all the members, this is now held every Wednesday at anytime. 🙂 There is also no end-date for this activity so feel free to hop in and share your progress.

How to join?
To participate, you only need to make time to work on your current WIP. Upload onto the group when done with the hashtag #csmwipwed

For those who wish to track their progress, create a folder with the format “WiP – ” (Please request for approval prior to creation). You may upload your progress every Wednesday. However, the updates will not be visible on the group list until there is a comment that follows the picture. (Not sure why Facebook set it to be that way…) It is typical for a member to comment on his/her own picture after the upload to his/her album.