Floss Organization: Ziplock Bags

After a series of floss organizations, this post is finally ready to be shared!

Just like everything crafty, floss organization is subjective. There is no right or wrong way to store and organize your flosses as long as it keeps them clean and keeps them where you can find them for all the neverending charts we accumulate. (Stitchers are immortal!)

Some prefer bobbins. Even with bobbins, there are many types and ways to store them.

In this post, we’ll share how ziplock bags are used.

Firstly, the following are what is used in the method shared here. Not all are required but the ones marked with asterisk(*) are required to make this system work. The most important item is G but it is not in the picture below.

A– Round 25mm stickers
B– Pen (Any kind would do)*
C– Marker pens
D– A4 papers -160gsm*
E- Cutter*
F– Magnetic acrylic dividers
G– Ziplock bags (16.8cm by 8.3cm) or any size which would fit in your drawer nicely 


Step One: Arrange your floss.

Step Two: Measure and cut the A4 papers to fit into the ziplock bags.

Step Three: Write floss codes on stickers and A4 papers.

Note: In this post, floss codes are written on both the round stickers and top-right corner of the A4 papers. Stickers allow ease of searching. Codes written on the cards are just to ensure there will be no mixed up later on if a sticker happens to fall off. 😉  You may opt to write the codes on the papers with broader tip to skip the stickers.


Step Four: Insert the A4 paper and floss into a ziplock bag. One code each bag. Paste the round sticker on the top-right corner of the bag.3

Step Five: Arrange in ascending order. This will be how it will be organized in the drawer.4

All lined-up ready to be arranged in the drawer.4a

Step Size:  Arrange in the drawer accordingly.7

This is the point where the magnetic acrylic dividers will be used to create partition between the floss series; 1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX and so on. This forms a little indexing for the storage system.5

Step Seven: Place a divider once a series organization has complete. The dividers work well as the drawer is metal. 6

Top view of the drawer. Flosses outside the bags are yet to be sorted. Complete DMC 6-stranded cotton floss would possibly take up 6 drawers.8

Step Eight: Say hello to the “master” drawer! 🙂9

Now, let’s go back to the essentials and where to get them.

A– Round 25mm stickers
B– Pen (Any kind would do)
C– Marker pens
D– A4 papers -160gsm
Local bookstores or stationary shops near you would have them. This is bought from MPH bookstore.

E- Cutter
Any cutter or scissors would do but this type makes it easier and faster. 😉 If you must have this, try Popular bookstore. Not sure if they still carry this as this was bought years ago.

F– Magnetic acrylic dividers
G– Ziplock bags (16.8cm by 8.3cm) or any size which would fit in your drawer nicely 
These 2 items can be found in Daiso. However, Glad snack bags used in this post is from local supermarkets. Daiso may be a cheaper option. 😉

Lastly, the red drawer.

This is from IKEA. Unfortunately, red is no longer available. There are green, black and white though. 🙂 http://www.ikea.com/my/en/catalog/products/00341971/



You’ve reached the end of this post. See you in next post. 🙂