Welcome to Cross-Stitch Malaysia.

This site is an extension to the Cross-Stitch Malaysia (CSM) group on Facebook. The group is a closed group open to only Malaysians or those who reside in Malaysia. 🙂

CSM aims to gather and build the cross-stitch community in Malaysia. To-date, there are 3k members (as of January 2017).

A little history on the group…
CSM was created on the 14th of September 2014.  It was found that there are many international cross-stitch groups on Facebook but there was none specifically for cross-stitch enthusiasts in Malaysia. 😦

2000 members. This number was hit on 24th September 2016. It may not be as big as other online communities across the globe but the group is surely growing.

As the group members grew, it also opened up many opportunities for sellers which then led to the creation of Cross-Stitch Malaysia Bazaar group. With this in state, no selling is allowed in CSM.

If you are residing in Malaysia, hop on to the group. We’d love to see you in action. Stitchers are proven to have kind souls (we sure have patience with the amount of stitching we do) so if you have any queries, feel free to post in the group. 🙂

Have a nice day ahead!

p/s: For any queries, feel free to email me at xstitchmalaysia@gmail.com



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