DesignerLimelight: Xiu Crafts

Author: Ang Laehoon

Oriental arts, aptly suited for the coming Chinese New Year celebrations. Happy CNY to all the members of CSM! May your year be filled with frog-less and happy stitches haha
Xiu Crafts is a brand of Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd, first started in year 2010 and is the first cross stitch brand in Taiwan, which specialises in Oriental art patterns.

Xiu Crafts has its own design team and factory to manufacture their high quality CS kits themselves. Their CS kits come with a patented Thread Organizer, so each floss is separated and its number is clearly marked on the card for the stitcher’s convenience (which is similar to Dimension’s floss organiser too).

The company expertly converts Chinese ink and water colour arts of famous Taiwanese painters into beautiful cross stitch patterns that look similar to the original art. The paintings usually consist of beautiful painted animals, birds and flowers.

The patterns incorporate floss blending technique that imitates the fainted stroke of colours are usually seen in Chinese water colour paintings. Once stitched, the end product actually looks like a real Chinese painting!

Official website (English/Chinese):

Where can CSM members get these fabulous kits:
2) PM Ma Ji Yu or Jason Khoo (they are able to source for us yay)

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DesignerLimelight: Julia Line

Author: Anne Chua

Julia Line, or Jools to her friends, started LONG DOG SAMPLERS (“LDS”) on 1 July 1996. Her aim is to create samplers for the 21st century which have their roots in the past and their eye very definitely on the future.

LDS is once again based in Norfolk, UK where it started in 1996 having moved back to England from the Loire Valley, France in 2014.
Julia gets inspiration from all around for her design style, meaning EVERYTHING from the twists and turns of an ancient tree trunk to the silhouette of a bird in flight and all the things she come across in between.

Her most favourite designs, also the best sellers are Death by Cross Stitch, Life after Death and Castles in the Air.
Her designs are available at her official website:
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DesignerLimelight: DoNa Stitch

Author: Ang Laehoon

This designer from Macau deserves a spotlight for her vibrant and decorative patterns!
DoNa Stitch, is proudly created and owned by Ariel from Macau, a small Asian city immersed in both Western and Chinese cultures. Ariel took up design studies after she quitted her office job and started to create CS designs for her store, and soon she got noticed by stitchers for her Disney-inspired Princess/Fairytale design series.
DoNa Stitch is established on 4 January 2013 and mainly offers modern cross stitch pattern with fancy and bold colours. Most of her designs used streamlined and ornamental backgrounds.

Ariel personally loves Art Nouveau, and she believes that makes her patterns look decorative. She is also a big fan of Disney and loves collecting Japanese paper (“Washi” in Japanese), thus heavily influencing the style of her cross stitch art. Natural things like birds, flowers and plants are also the inspiration and recurrent theme in DoNa Stitch’s patterns.

DoNa Stitch is available on Etsy and there is no physical store at this moment.
Etsy: Instagram:

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Her best-selling patterns are:
Frozen, Beauty & the Beast and Rose Birds

DesignerLimelight: Jean Louis Grandsire

Author: Anne Chua

Name: Jean Louis Grandsire
Origin: French

Distinctive Style: Diversity of designs, both in subject and complexity of designs. Each design however is simple to stitch, using full cross stitch and back stitch only. You may choose the floss and fabric color to your liking, self mix and match.

Jean Louis Grandsire was at one time a major designer for Anagram Diffusions which distributed his charts in printed format. In 2008, he decided to run his own website and offered his charts as digital downloads. He had created 2403 designs of which 1873 charts were available at his own website,

Due to piracy and illegal chart sharing, he has decided to retire in early 2015 and stoped selling his designs. However, the site still exists and there are 820 free charts to download >>>

DesignerLimelight: SODAstitch

Author:  Ang LaeHoon

This is definitely one of my favourite designers to-date 🙂, who doesn’t know them right?

SODAstitch is a cross stitch design company started in April 2001 by a power couple, Mr & Mrs Sunny Jung in South Korea.

Mr Sunny Jung was born in Gwangju, a city immersed in art & culture; and since young he loves drawing and doodling cartoons. Upon graduation from design school, he started a craftshop and from there he went into cross-stitch designing with his wife and thus SODAstitch was born.

SODAstitch style and inspiration: Modern, fresh, innocence, love and romance

SODAstitch’s charts are mostly available as hardcopy charts and are sold at many popular websites internationally and locally. We too have a few members here that are distributors and resellers of their charts (reasonably priced as well).

Their best-seller designs (see pics): The Owl Family, Sweet Bears & Princess Collection

They have recently ventured into PDF charts and their exclusive designs are available at SODAstitch’s own Etsy store:

Official website:
Official facebook page:
Official instagram:


DesignerLimelight: Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum

Author: Anne Chua

Name: Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
Origin: American, born in 1946
Since (year): She started publishing her embroidery designs in 1986, when she showed her original design “The Quilting”, showing an Amish quilting bee, to the owner of a local needlework shop who told her that if she graphed the design the shop would sell it. The first 25 copies sold almost immediately.

Within a decade, her Victorian angel designs were considered among the most popular cross-stitch designs available.
Distinctive Style: She is well known of her Victorian angel designs. Her designs were published under the business name Told in a Garden, with product divisions of:
a) Told in a Garden – Amish and village style designs
b) Lavender and Lace – angel designs
c) Butternut Road – samplers and secular ladies designs


Marilyn also helped everyone stitching faces with her recommended DMC colors for various ethnic groups so that stitchers could change the look of the people they were stitching.

She passed away on August 14, 2012 at age of 66.

More of her designs, you may refer to the link (for info only):

If you wish to buy her charts, you may go to:,,



DesignerLimelight: Cottage Garden Samplings (Vinniey Tan)

Author: Ang LaeHoon

Vinniey Tan, is the designer behind Cottage Garden Samplings (based in Malaysia!) since 28 June 2012. She is happily married to her husband Kelvin and are proud and blessed parents of 3 beautiful daughters.

In 2009, Vinniey discovered the joys of creating her own fresh and unique cross stitch designs. She is obsessed with CS (like we all do, don’t we?) and loves to create her own designs, despite her busy schedule as a stay-at-home mom with a home-based creative consultant job.

After coming up with her first design ~ Cupcake Cottage, she has not looked back since. The original stitching of Cupcake Cottage is still proudly displayed in Maycraft Subang. Within 2 years, she created a total of 11 beautiful patterns and in early 2012, Vinniey Tan launched her CS designing career and set up her very own CS company, Cottage Garden Samplings, named as such for her love of doodling garden, colorful flowers, herbs, and fruit trees.

Vinniey’s style of design depends on things that inspire her on that day and are more towards the combination of a little primitive and modern folk art. Her designs reflect her love of flowers, colours, garden and Mother Nature.

Cottage Garden’s Sampling bestsellers include Halloween Sampler and the “My Garden Journal” 12 part series and Peace On Earth Sampler (Vinniey’s personal favourite!).

Find out more about Vinnie’s beautiful designs at :

Her CS charts are also sold at many popular CS websites around the world such as,, and

p/s: she is currently working on another 12 part series to be launched in year 2018, and the insider news is… they are gonna be more beautiful and exciting than her bestseller “My Garden Journal”!!!