DesignerLimelight: Gera

Author: Ang Laehoon

Do you still remember the #CSMGeraSAL (Cute bunch of Mushrooms!) that we candidly did last year? This time I am going to introduce to you the creative mind behind such wonderful pattern; Gera! Cross Stitch.

Gera! Cross Stitch is owned by a talented Japanese needlework designer Kyoko Maruoka. Gera is the nickname Kyoko’s friends gave her when she was young, due to her infectious sweet laugh. In Japanese, Gera gera means to laugh or giggle out loud. .
Her patterns are based mainly on nature, forest animals and also classic literatures. Gnomes are a recurrent theme in most of her designs. Despite the charts are only in Japanese, they are designed with very vibrant colours and charming details, making them a joy to work on despite the language barrier.

You can check out her official website @ (It seems like it is currently down for maintenance)

Her charts can be purchased here (pdf format):

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DesignerLimelight: Rosewood Manor

Author: Anne Chua

Karen Kluba (designer of Rosewood Manor)
Like many other designers she has embroidered for many years and became hooked on cross stitch in 1970. She has stitched and sold her own designs at craft fairs and also worked as a designer for a sweatshirt company and owned a small needlecraft shop.

In 1998, she formed her own company ROSEWOOD MANOR.

Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, quilt blocks and Mother Nature when creating her designs.

For more of her designs, you may go to:

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DesignerLimelight: PINN

Author: Ang Laehoon

Come, let me introduce you to one of the well-known CS brands in South East Asia, PINN.
PINN is a brand owned by Art and Technology Company Limited in Chiang Mai, Thailand established since 1992. PINN has been one of Thailand’s best kept secret all these while, and started getting international recognition for its quality cross stitch and needlecraft kits.

PINN produces classical Thai and unique Oriental design cross-stitch patterns in ready-to-stitch kits and booklets. There are also a wide selection of beautifully designed religious patterns and Asian mythological designs.

PINN’s designs are available in craft shops across Thailand, and is also available online at their official website ( and also I have personally seen them in Tan An Teng’s shop, but sadly Mr Tan’s shop has closed down since end 2017.

A quick check also reveals that their kits are sold at Chiang Mai Airport Plaza, so members who are visiting the place be sure to browse through their collection there.
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DesignerLimelight: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Author: Anne Chua


Featured designer today:

owned by Amanda and Ashleigh

They started the business since 30 Sept 2010 and are located in Northern California.

Ashleigh is the master designer of the patterns. She is obsessed with making the cutest patterns, adding kawaii eyeballs to everything, building the highest quality PDFs, decorating our mascots- Sugarloaf & Jack so they are always seasonally appropriate and knitting. She holds a graphic design degree from CSU Chico and is often taking additional classes to enrich her skill set.

Amanda is the business manager. She is obsessed with providing the very best customer service, turning mystery cross stitch-a-longs into a bustling online community!

They have an amazing tech editing team, a very talented sample stitcher and a super friendly social media coordinator!

Their cross stitch style inspiration comes from their daily encounters. They love to travel holidays and the changing of the seasons, and that’s where their ideas of pattern come from.

Their best-selling designs: Into the Jungle SAL (2018), Story time Sampler, Once Upon a Time Sampler (as pic posted)

Their official pages:
Facebook Group:
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DesignerLimelight: The Prairie Schooler

Author: Anne Chua

Pamela Byrd Smith and Nancy Wallerstein, the designers of The Prairie Schooler.

They started their business since 1984. Their designs have a very distinctive style and are stitched in bold colours and a limited palette. The samplers are often based on country lore with traditional sayings.

After nearly 33 years of giving us cross stitchers the most wonderful designs and so much pleasure, they decided to retire and close down the business. Their catalogue has been turned over to the Hoffman Distributing Company who is re-releasing some of the out of print designs.

For their designs catalogue, you may refer to:

If you wish to purchase any of their charts, you may get from:

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DesignerLimelight: Xiu Crafts

Author: Ang Laehoon

Oriental arts, aptly suited for the coming Chinese New Year celebrations. Happy CNY to all the members of CSM! May your year be filled with frog-less and happy stitches haha
Xiu Crafts is a brand of Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd, first started in year 2010 and is the first cross stitch brand in Taiwan, which specialises in Oriental art patterns.

Xiu Crafts has its own design team and factory to manufacture their high quality CS kits themselves. Their CS kits come with a patented Thread Organizer, so each floss is separated and its number is clearly marked on the card for the stitcher’s convenience (which is similar to Dimension’s floss organiser too).

The company expertly converts Chinese ink and water colour arts of famous Taiwanese painters into beautiful cross stitch patterns that look similar to the original art. The paintings usually consist of beautiful painted animals, birds and flowers.

The patterns incorporate floss blending technique that imitates the fainted stroke of colours are usually seen in Chinese water colour paintings. Once stitched, the end product actually looks like a real Chinese painting!

Official website (English/Chinese):

Where can CSM members get these fabulous kits:
2) PM Ma Ji Yu or Jason Khoo (they are able to source for us yay)

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DesignerLimelight: Julia Line

Author: Anne Chua

Julia Line, or Jools to her friends, started LONG DOG SAMPLERS (“LDS”) on 1 July 1996. Her aim is to create samplers for the 21st century which have their roots in the past and their eye very definitely on the future.

LDS is once again based in Norfolk, UK where it started in 1996 having moved back to England from the Loire Valley, France in 2014.
Julia gets inspiration from all around for her design style, meaning EVERYTHING from the twists and turns of an ancient tree trunk to the silhouette of a bird in flight and all the things she come across in between.

Her most favourite designs, also the best sellers are Death by Cross Stitch, Life after Death and Castles in the Air.
Her designs are available at her official website:
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